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Dining Poker Pool Tables
- Get 3 in 1 Tables!

Modena Wood Dining Poker Pool Table
The Modena Wood
Dining Poker Pool Table

Your Price: $ 4699
MRSP: $ 12,999

Modena Brushed Aluminum Dining Poker Pool Table
The Modena
Dining Poker Pool Table

Your Price: $ 5999
MRSP: $ 12,000

ritz dining poker pool table 
The Ritz
Dining Poker Pool Table

Your Price: $4799
MRSP: $ 9999

aspen pool table
The Sienna
Dining Poker Pool Table

Your Price: $ 4499
MRSP: $ 9999

Elegant Dining Pool Table
The Elegant
Dining Poker Pool Table

Your Price: $ 4499
MRSP: $ 9999

Elite Dining Pool Table
The Elite
Dining Poker Pool Table

Your Price: $ 5499
MRSP: $ 10,999


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Ritz Dining Poker Pool Tables

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Fully Customized Dining Pool Tables, see why every home should have one!

The Dining Poker Pool Table from CusZoom, can provide many endless memorable moments with friends and family. and CusZoom.com has hundreds of models to choose from. Browse our great selection of dining poker pool tables in contemporary and traditional styles to find the perfect fit for your home.

CusZoom.com Pool Tables has everything from ornate, formal pool table dining table to the most modern and trendy designs available. CusZoom is the only online company that offers such diverse designs. Our tables will fit well in a home, condo, loft, apartment, etc. Turn your kitchen or dining area into your play area too. Now these pool table / dining combo's make that possibility a reality.

Your pool table, dining table and poker table in one is more than just space to put your plate. The dining room area in your home is a place of gathering, and has been for centuries. It's where families share meals while they talk about their day, discuss current events, and make future plans. Family meals are good for the stomach and the soul, so although the pace of life has picked up over the years, dining with family is a great routine to hold intact. In fact, studies have shown that family routines and rituals, such as having dinner together around the pool dining room table or celebrating Christmas with sugar cookies and eggnog, are associated with academic achievement, relationships with the family, children's health, marital fulfillment, and young adults' sense of personal identity.


So, next time you gaze at your pool table dining table, remember how it is used for some of the most important events in your family's lives – like monumental birthday parties, holiday gatherings, and Sunday brunches, to name a few. While sitting around the dining room table, millions of memories are served up and millions of stomachs are fed with mashed potatoes and a second helping of love.

Whether you’re going for a formal, traditional look or a casual, family-friendly dining pool table,CusZoom Dining Poker Pool Tables N' More has a dining poker pool table that is ideal for you. Browse our great selection of dining pool tables to get the dining room you’ve always dreamed of.

Now with this new combo concept of having a pool table, dining table and poker table in one....now for the first time you can also add a PING PONG EXTENSION! Now you won't have to worry about not having the room in your home.

This is a clever way to get friends and family together to share food and fun!!

modern dining pool tables